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Aug. 25th, 2003

09:53 pm - 10 [folded angel wings]

there is heart and will and ghostly smiles of forgotten idols
that creep with torn edges
and laughing smiles
that tear away with the faintest rippling wind where
the pixies hide

it is there
where you will find me
in all my honesty and best intentions
that take forever to grip soul and blaze and perfect longing

where the angels fold their wings
and die

Aug. 24th, 2003

04:33 pm - 9 [a folded memory]

A Folded Memory

The house seemed huge and vague,
the halls narrow
with webs; many legged beasts
that scuttled along dull-
polished floors. All the doors
creaked with wears;
hollowed bricks echoed.

I wandered through rooms
of draped sheets, carved furniture
and haughty, staring portraits
hanging on cracked walls,
their faces
glared at me, their
shrunken eyes followed every footstep.

I passed the picture
of the house where I was born
on the third floor,
and shuddered at the memory
of small airless rooms that
brought no life, just disjointed lies
and crowded humidity of six rowdy children.

A piece of folded paper
lay on the mahogany and
white gold dresser;
thick with old dust
that seemed to stuff itself
into my pockets
of its own free will.

As I ran free of the house,
still holding the folded parchment
in a chubby fist,
the leaves shook themselves
angrily from the bushes as Spring
crept forth, I heard my Uncle fleeing
away from the flowering absolution.

04:32 pm - 8 [a long time between pauses]

A Long Time Between Pauses -- Original ProseCollapse )

Context StatementCollapse )

04:29 pm - 7 [all the kings horses]

in darknesses arms
in the embrace of vague countance
and softly spoken breath.

a black hummingbird
two left shoes
and empty teapot
and me

playing cards upon
the rusting, wrought-iron memory of all the mothers before me
all the bothers-in-arms to come and march beneath this weary solider

a jack of diamonds
runs off with the black quuen
hand in dew-coated hand
palm and angst one in the same

all the kings horses
and all of your men
couldn't put me back together

[ again ]

04:08 pm - 6 [with faith - for savannah]

-with faith-

with faith
comes the gentle misrepresentation
of youth

of newly covered books
and posters falling off bedroom walls
because hope can not hold them aloft

[ anymore ]

they call out with careless tongue
but i pretend not to hear them
pretend -- pretend

as if all the ghosts would go

[ again ]

with faith -- with faith
a coated man
a crossing guard
a child tugging at mothers hand

this way, this way
step right this way
watch all the brokenhearted lovers
fall like lemmings

pretty ladies
with pretty fans


[ alone ]

For elite_stoat.

02:56 pm - 5 [flying:]

golden setting sun lighting
our way and our faces
the horizon:
a blurred pink and purple,
yellow and green line
like a distant waver
begging to be touched
kissed, risen to the mouths
of mountains and slowly vanishing cloud dreams.

i want to touch you
i want to lay like a languid blaze
in your softness
i want to take the distance
and hum my song into your skin forever
until it will be
the only thing you'll hear
the only thing you'll want to hear
the only thing . . .
i want to crave
and rise to
and exult
like a warm breath on muggy mornings

i am inflamed

you consume me.

02:51 pm - 4 [i can give you tonight]

magic in the blazes
of what is never right
of what will never be true
of the lies and confusion
that swallows my dusk princess

like a cloud, while silly jesters
laugh, and make up a new
song to celebrate

this occasion.
this obsession.
this passion.

. . . i can give you tonight . . .

forgive me father
for i have sinned.

Credited to Fran, for the stolen line from Resolution.

02:49 pm - 3 [as if it mattered]

a layered depth
of blistered skin
worn from summers embrace

we lie
like contented storms
to ourselves
and all the passers by

[ as if it mattered ]

a rim of ice beads
around a half empty glass
that sweats and moans
making a dark smudge
on plastic wood that tears itself

[ if it matter ]

like a blown lightbulb
a worn out cyclone

that hurries with burnt edges
to meet and greet
the raiders of sensibility
who trade in tongue
and false of heart

they lie to its reflection anyway
with frost
and a pale blossom
falling into still waters

and vanishes

[ it mattered ]

02:47 pm - 2 [tearing us down with a single bound]

you can tear us down with a single bound but we will rebuild.

you can burn our flag with your flaming torches but we will still stive to become better than who we are.

i will not compromise my beliefs and standards and opinions because you see fit to tear me down.

i will not risk my integrety because you don't agree with the person that i have been, will be, or continue to be.

i will love without reason and without apology.

i will fight with the causes i believe in strongly enough to speak out for.

i will act in a way that i see fit, not just to please others.

i will survive.

i will be strong.

i will protect those I care about and myself.

i will not conform.

i will not compromise myself.

i will be radical, and honest, and free and not let your minons tear me down, or find reasons to hate me without consequence or right.

i will always be myself.

i will always love you
with the abandonless passion that
afforded us one still summer night
with the curtains drawn,
my hands on your skin,
your tongue in my mouth
and all the stars dancing outside

i will always hold the memory of you
in my heart
and on my tongue
and my skin warms
at the very thought of you

[ nothing left to fall for ]

except you

02:36 pm - 1 [utter silence]

In response to swallowmewhole.

nothing you could ever be
[or say or

could feel like this
wings ripped from sheer
and suddenly

falling on the breeze]
never wanting to go
never wanting to stay

helpless to your anyone
your anywhere

and i wish i could be

but i don't think i
ever could be
or want to be

except here
this time this place

utter [ s . i . l . e . n . c . e ]

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